Unique taste

About us

Unique taste

How it all started

Hailing from Singapore but gaining popularity in Eastern Europe, Kracks Potato Chips are the core snack product of Food Empire Holdings (Food Empire), an SGX Mainboard-listed and global company in the food and beverage sector. Established in 1982, Food Empire has a wide range of food and beverage products in more than 50 countries worldwide over the past decades.


Now in 2018, Food Empire is breaking into the Canadian market and bringing the Kracks brand to the Great White North!

Stackable Shape

With a stackable design, Kracks Potato Chips are the perfect snack for road trips, school lunches, and snacking on the go!

Quality Ingredients

Prepared with high quality ingredients, Kracks Potato Chips are a delightful way to add a little bit of crunch to your day!

Unique Taste

Made with bold flavours, Kracks Potato Chips offer a unique taste profile to satisfy even the most discerning snacker!

Unique taste

High Quality Chips

Kracks Potato Chips are a delightful snack made with the highest quality ingredients. With a wide range of bold and delicious flavours including Original, Sour Cream & Onion, Barbecue, and Wasabi, they are the perfect snack for sharing with family and friends.